Eigene Songs                                                   Covers

Chrome                                              Sweet Home Alabama

Guardian Angel                                  Wish you were here

To the moon                                      Sailing 

Dreams                                             Sweet Dreams

Munich                                              Smoke on the water

Time                                                 Hotel California

The lie                                              Sky and Sand

Vertrauen                                         Leuchtturm

Seasons                                            Summer of 69

Key to my heart                               Knocking on heavens

Geh hin                                            What´s up

The love with you                             Still haven´t found

Ammersee Reggae                            Rocking in a free world

Dancing on the roof                         Mercedes Benz

Light up the sky                               Pround Mary

Lebenszeit                                       Purple Rain

Sometimes                                       Mamor, Stein ...

Lonely                                              Down Under

Star Money                                      Hey Jude

Rising Sun                                                                Hit the road Jack

Time Maschine                                 With or without you

Horizon                                            Hurt

                                                                                            Behind blue eyes


                                                         In the air tonight